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Check out our social photos from the Best of Joburg Reader’s Choice Awards!

Colours fill the sky

EMMARENTIA – Runners participate in the ‘happiest run on the planet’.

WATCH: Bracka is destined for stardom

JOBURG – Talented young rapper hopes his love and passion will carry him through, despite the challenges he faces.

100 Years: The Movie You Will Never See

MOVIE MAGIC: The original costumes used to make the movie are displayed at Shine Studios.SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Guests are treated to some of the most delicious drinks inspired by the movie.SPOTTED: Genevieve Farry attends the exclusive preview of a John Malkovich film, 100 Years.ENJOYABLE NIGHT: Angela Yeung and Walter Palk enjoy the ambiance at the...

Realogile shines at Schools Theatre Festival

Matsidiso Mokotedi of support act, Fruit performs at the Schools Theatre Festival.Alex High Secondary School actors display their perfoming art skillsEastbank Secondary School's drama group displays their acting skills at the Schools Theatre Festival.Schools Theatre Festival winners Realogile Secondary School.Realogile Secondary School's drama group perform at the Schools Theatre Festival.Realogile Secondary School drama group at...