MUST READ: Boy, girl and four women raped in Alex in one week

A boy was sodomised and a girl and four women were raped in the same week in Alex.

Police spokesperson Captain Allie Kodisang said the incidents happened between 3 and 9 April.

The boy (8) was allegedly sodomised by a 16-year-old boy inside a toilet on 11th Avenue at 7.30pm on 5 April. No arrest has been reported as the investigation continues. His mother found him in the toilet, crying and he was apparently undressed and allegedly abused by the suspect known him. It wasn’t specified if he was taken to a clinic for treatment.

Hours earlier at 3.20pm on the same day, a 13-year-old girl was allegedly raped by an unknown suspect at an Extension 7 home where she had been sent ( by a brother) to collect a cellphone from someone. On arrival, the person she wanted was absent and the suspect allegedly forced her into his room, locked the door and raped her before letting her go.

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The following day (6 April) at 6pm, a woman was allegedly raped by an ex-boyfriend after dragging her from the street into his place on 17th Avenue. The victim was with a friend when they met the suspect in East Bank. He asked her to go with him and after she had refused he dragged her into his place where he forcibly undressed and raped her without condoms overnight. No arrest had been made at the time of reporting.

On 8 April at 3am, a Soweto woman was raped in the yard of an East Bank home by a man who had proposed to her earlier at a Sandton food outlet. The victim claimed she was with a friend when she met the suspect – also with a friend – who claimed to be from Greenstone. His friend drove her and the suspect to the home and on arrival, the suspect allegedly asked her to do oral sex on him but she refused and asked to get into the house. The suspect was infuriated and beat her all over until she relented. Afterwards, he allegedly undressed and raped her on the ground with a condom as she screamed. When he was done, the suspect allegedly took R450 from her bag and threw her clothes on the ground and ran away when the occupants of the house, attracted by her screams, opened the door. The victim also lost her cellphone in the ordeal.

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Later at 5pm on the same day (8 April), a victim of 8th Avenue was forced by her ex-boyfriend into his car and raped overnight at his 3rd Avenue home. The victim was alerted to the suspect’s presence outside her home in his car. When she inquired what he wanted, he threatened and forced her into the vehicle with her child and drove off with them. On arrival at his place, he locked them in the house and told her that he wanted revenge for dumping him. He allegedly raped her and released her in the morning after ordering her to go home and return with her clothes which she didn’t.

The following night on 9 April, an Extension 7 woman, who had locked her place before going to bed, was raped by a known suspect. She was awakened by a noise in the room and when she screamed, the intruder ordered her to be quiet or he would kill her. When she relented, he demanded money he claimed she had for renovating her place. This made her aware that it was the builder who had earlier, given her a quotation for the work. She called him by his name but he didn’t answer and instead, raped her after overpowering and tying her hands with her pyjamas. Afterwards, he tied her legs with a belt and a vest but untied her when he wanted her to open the door for him to leave. She put on the lights and identified him before he left.

Details: Alex Police station 011 431 7718/9

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