Coordination essential to stop crime – Motlanthe

Former President Kgalema Motlanthe.

The crime concern in Alex should be understood in its proper context as a national and not a township specific challenge.

This was said by former President Kgalema Motlanthe in a wide-ranging interview with Alex News where he decried the problems besetting the country.

“Residents and society put the government in power and are entitled to and should demand good and quality services from it including safety and protection,” Motlanthe said.

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He added that the public should understand that crime, corruption, all acts of misgovernance and other ills took root when citizens became inactive and ceded all rights to politicians to do as they please once in power. Bureaucrats felt beholden to the politicians to implement government programmes without consulting the public. “This makes those in power feel accountable to themselves, and creates tunnel vision and silo mentality in programme implementation resulting in the denial of holistic and coordinated services to the public.”

The silo mentality he said, resulted in a disconnect between government departments and made them work in opposite directions, creating an environment for those bent on fostering corruption, and criminals to fester and eventually act with impunity. “This affects and weakens the rule of law and criminals take advantage when, for example, departments and units in the justice system are uncoordinated and delinked from other support departments like social services.”

He urged for improved coordination and capacity of the justice departments and their integration with social services and education departments. “This will create a holistic awareness of crime trends, corruption and other ills in society, provide a solid base for crime detection, enable quick apprehension and ensure successful prosecution and ensure criminals are rehabilitated and leave prison with education and skills for their productive reintegration into society.”

He added that cash-in-transit heists which occurred brazenly on highways, hijackings on street corners, rapes and domestic violence in homes, drug abuse, bullying and sexual assaults in schools will also stop when perpetrators knew there were no loopholes in the rule of law.

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“Coordination will encourage active citizenry, develop [the public’s] trust in law enforcement agencies and encourage them to report when they see the rule of law being implemented without fear or favour, particularly of those in high positions.”

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