New principal vows to turn Alex’s Realogile Secondary School around

Recently appointed Realogile Secondary School principal, Mathews Choshi.

The recently appointed principal of Realogile Secondary School, Mathews Choshi acknowledged the mammoth challenge he faces in reverting the school to its former glory as a top matric performer, among its four other peers in the township namely, Eastbank, Alex High, Minerva and Kwa-Bhekilanga Secondary schools.

Choshi, who was deputy principal at Ivory Park Secondary School, said he always wanted to move to Realogile during its glory days around 2010 but never got a chance. Now, he conceded, was a more challenging time as the school has been hovering at the 60 per cent pass rate and has been at the bottom of the pile in the last couple of years.

“It’s possible to improve on performance through key stakeholder collaboration. The students, teachers, parents and the community should show a willingness to put the school back on the map.

“It won’t be magical and will require foremost, improved discipline, willingness and determination by pupils to learn for their better future and, their respect of the school environment, property and teachers,” he said.

He further attributed the challenge to a few pupils’ indulgence in drugs and substance abuse. “This affects their discipline and performance, leads to criminality and truancy and, rubs off onto others, who gradually become entangled anti-social conduct, some resulting in teenage pregnancy and dropping out of school.”

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He urged parents to instil discipline at home. “The role of schools is to teach already disciplined children. Ill-disciplined ones are a liability, distract teachers from their core task and are also a security threat to the teachers.”

The school’s recovery plan starts from the first school term holiday with classes for Grade 12s continuing as normal throughout the break. This is to ensure the curriculum is completed by the end of June, allowing more time for revision before the final examinations. Saturday classes will also be strengthened and supported by evening classes and the education department’s Secondary School Improvement Programme, which is conducted during holidays for select pupils. Chosi also intends drawing in former achievers from the school as motivational speakers.

He further urged pupils to optimally use apps on smartphones which, he said, most of them have, regardless of their social conditions. “The apps have extremely useful information for research and studies and will complement school tablets and smartboards which have revolutionalised education.”

His target is to improve this year’s pass mark by 20 to 80 per cent, rising to 90 per cent plus, in 2019. “Such progress will attract many sponsors to the school.”

Details: Realogile Secondary School 011 443 2908.

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