Johannesburg set for new state-of-the-art fire engines and an increase in firefighters

The City of Johannesburg has purchased 28 new state-of-the-art fire engines at a cost of R189 million.

The City will also employ an additional 160 firefighters to enhance the capacity of the City’s Emergency Management Services (EMS).

This was revealed by Member of the Mayoral Committee for Public Safety, councillor Michael Sun. “The acquisition of the new technologically advanced fire engines and the employment of additional firefighters is long overdue and will significantly improve the EMS’ response times,” he said.

The delivery of the newly procured fire engines is expected to take place from March to October. The existing fleet of fire engines, some of which are more than 30 years old, will not be discarded but will be taken in for comprehensive repairs and proper maintenance.

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“We want to retain the old fire engines as backup vehicles so that we always have spare vehicles to respond to emergencies. We are also recruiting an additional 160 firefighters and ensuring these men and women are extensively trained to rescue people from hazardous situations.”

Edited by Stacey Woensdregt

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Jessica Knibbs

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