Twala calls for inclusive crime indaba

Alex philanthropist, Linda Twala.

Alex’s philanthropist Linda Twala has called on parents to become involved in the welfare and lives of their children.

His comments come at a time when various interest groups – police, teachers, churches, councillors and the youth – have decried the rampant crime taking place in the township.

Alex News has recently covered a number of court stories: rapes, murders, hijackings and house robberies, as well as drug and substance abuse in schools. Tellingly, most crime perpetrators and victims were young people and children.

Twala attributed the problem to a breakdown in societal and family values and lack of ubuntu. “A child ought to learn good principles and conduct from the home, followed by the community, and lastly from peers. Without a good foundation, a child is left vulnerable to many negative influences, particularly from peers, who occupy most of his or her time.”

To tackle crime, he said, Alex residents ‘and others willing and ready to assist us’ needed to collectively bring back the spirit of ubuntu.

He said some of the causes of crime and moral decay were:

  • Underage drinking and smoking among idle youth
  • Drunken, all-night weekend partying with scant regard for other people’s peace of mind
  • Human trafficking, especially of girls, and prostitution
  • Vandalising of communal facilities such as schools and churches due to robberies
  • Addiction to nyaope and bluetooth (exchanging blood through a syringe to share a nyaope high).

“Residents know the drug dealers but look the other way, choosing to only attend to their household challenges when society, in general, is being destroyed,” Twala said.

As a result of this uncaring attitude, future leaders dropped out of school and became criminals to be able to survive. “Parents, councillors, parliamentarians, politicians, as well as church and other leaders should take charge. First, through an inclusive crime indaba and remedial measures, instead of expecting the police alone to solve a self-inflicted challenge.”

Such an indaba would help bring education sponsors on board, ensure that public amenities are cared for, and address health hazards such as rat infestations, he added.

This way Alex people might succeed in dealing with rapes and desecration of graveyards, which he said were ‘littered with used condoms’.

“Many outside role models are keen to assist us if we show concern and desire to address the plight of our children.”

Details: Linda Twala 082 442 2866.

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