Man accused of raping mother of his child

Alex police are investigating three rape cases, including one allegedly committed by the brother of the victim’s boyfriend.

Alex police spokesperson, Lieutenant Allie Kodisang, said the suspect allegedly raped the victim on the night of 15 January at a house in 14th Avenue.

The victim, who lives close by, was sitting outside her home with a friend when they were allegedly approached by four men who grabbed them, locked them inside their house, switched the lights off, and left.

When the men returned later, they were in the company of the brother, and he went to the house and allegedly raped her without a condom. Later, the rapist apparently ordered the four other suspects not to let her go and to only release her at 6am, which they did. No arrests have been made.

In another incident that took place on 15 January, a man allegedly raped his ex-girlfriend at a house in 15th Avenue. The suspect allegedly asked the victim to accompany him to Cosmo City to drop off someone. On their return, he apparently took her to his place, where he offered her beer. When she declined, he is said to have assaulted her and only stopped when his family intervened.

After the family members had left, the suspect allegedly raped her without a condom. She reported the incident the following morning. No arrests have been made.

Another suspect was arrested for allegedly raping the mother of his child on the night of 14 January. Kodisang said the victim was sleeping next to her child when the suspect sneaked in and, without saying a word, moved the child to the side of the bed. He then undressed, pinned the victim to the bed and allegedly raped her without a condom, and when she asked him why he was forcing himself on her he got dressed and, without saying a word, left the room.

The victim reported the rape the following morning, leading to the man’s arrest.

Details: Alex Police Station 011 431 7600.

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