Don’t forget to register to vote

It is important to note that even though you might not have moved homes since the last elections, your voting station might have changed.

A few wards in Joburg have undergone some changes – with many wards losing certain suburbs or gaining new ones. This has affected some of the usual voting stations. Unfortunately, the communication around the changes and the reasons for these changes have not been forthcoming.

With this in mind, I urge you to please not assume that everything will remain unchanged. Double check your stations and which ward you fall into. Residents can see where their voting stations are by using the maps that Fourways Review published last week, or visit the website listed below.

It is important to remember that if you are not registered at the correct voting station, you will be turned away come voting day.

There has also not been too much communication regarding this weekend and what residents must do if they are unable to register.

There is the possibility of a second registration date, however, when Fourways Review contacted the IEC, the organisation could not confirm this. Residents can also visit one of the IEC offices where they will be able to register.

Voting is extremely important, even at municipal level, so please make sure you make every effort to cast your vote. These elections will decide who the mayor of Joburg will be, which parties your ward councillors come from and which party you have voted for to run Johannesburg.

It is your right to vote. A right that many people sacrificed their lives for. A right that no one, no matter what race, class, religion or gender should ever take for granted.


Mashadi Letwaba

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