‘Busy Corner’ shebeen infuriates residents

Tsutsumani Ext 7 residents residing on Laduma Street have raised their concerns regarding eMashanganeni, a shebeen located on the same street and otherwise known as Busy Corner.

A local woman, who wished to remain anonymous, sent Alex News a Facebook message and reported that customers of Busy Corner leave litter around the shebeen and on the street.

“The people from the shebeen make our place dirty as they also drink and pee next to our houses. The owner of the tavern does not even take responsibility to make sure the street is cleaned up. The noise level is too much, such that we can’t even sleep at night,” said another resident.

Laduma Street is very narrow, providing limited space for cars to move freely and, as a result, local taxi drivers have complained that they struggle to pass other cars which come to the shebeen.

“It is very difficult to deliver some passengers who stay on the other side of the road. Especially during peak-hour and during the weekend,” said one of the taxi drivers.

An Alex News reporter met with the owner of the shebeen, Collin Maswangani, who denied the allegations levelled against his shebeen by residents. “My licence allows me to close at 2am and I also have the security [guards] who make sure that everything is in order. If someone has a problem with me, he must report it to the police,” he said.

Alexandra police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Moses Maphakela said the police will do their utmost to ensure the shebeen operated within the law and that shebeen-goers did not pose a disturbance to residents.

“We are going to monitor the opening and closing time of the shebeen. When it comes to littering, the residents should forward the matter to the City of Johannesburg which deals with the issuing of licences.”

Details: Warrant Officer Moses Maphakela 082 411 0188.

Mandla Mbekwa

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