OPINION: Shame on bare bottom women

There is an absurd, bizarre and potentially contagious viral syndrome which has hit SA women, especially black women, and ANC women to be precise.

Disgruntled females from the ruling elite have suddenly realised that they have a potent weapon to fight the evils that bedevil them – and that mighty weapon is pulling down their panties and baring their bums for all and sundry to see.

‘What a bummer’, screamed a headline from one daily when the baring-all syndrome first surfaced in the early months of last year. The latest incidents happened in Hammanskraal during a branch meeting of the ANC, and in Bronkhorspruit and Winterveld as the country gears up for local government elections later in the year.

The protesters, who had hoped to be nominated as candidates and hopefully, elected as councillors, bared their bottoms and shouted, ‘These are our CVs’, as they touched their nude buttocks.

But the question to be asked is: Whose mothers are these women?Imagine your child being brought a copy of the newspaper the next day by a group of friends, screaming, ‘come see your mother naked in the newspaper’.

Just imagine the trauma, humiliation and emotional abuse the child goes through by constantly being teased about their naked mothers. This is going to become a scar for life for the children of these sick women.

Some party loyalists, instigated by Nomvula Mokonyane, who once said women will defend [President Jacob] Zuma with their buttocks, have taken up this notion as they have realised the ANC has now become a vehicle to riches. Some unscrupulous comrades will stop at nothing to lay their dirty hands on the till.

These women are not fit to rule as they cannot posture as good and firm leaders who stand by their principles and beliefs. If they cannot get their way on anything, they will sell the nation for 30 pieces of silver.

If I had my way, I would make sure they never set their sick minds and sick deeds in any public office, as we no longer trust their integrity to lead us without resorting to what has become known as ‘pantypreneurship’, selling their bums to get positions.

When Julius Malema first spoke about ‘pantypreneurship’ in the ANC, we all thought he was just being the silly boy of ANC politics, as we all had come to know him during his heydays in the ANC Youth League.

Now it has turned out that he was not just being his creative self because he had been active in the inner circles of the party and knows all the goings-on.

I say shame on you sick women for baring your bottoms for the whole world to see. You’re dragging the dignity of all honest and hardworking women into the dirt.

What do you think about this new phenomenon of women baring their bottoms in frustration? Leave your comment below.

Sipho Siso

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