Avoid fraud in the work place

“Work is a perfect environment for a would-be fraudster to gain access to your personal details. Most of us have a PC on our desks that we routinely use to access our internet banking,” explained Nitesh Patel, head of Customer Financial Solutions, Personal Banking at Standard Bank.

How to avoid it: Never allow open access to your PC, and never share your password with co-workers.

If your company is upgrading or installing new computer systems, make sure the hard drive on your old system is permanently erased after transferring all your data.

Only carry the personal information and bank cards that you really need for your daily routine at work. Also, make sure that you know where your wallet is at all times and never leave it in an unlocked desk.

If you’ve been scammed: Go to your manager or boss and report the crime – they may have access to CCTV that could help you find the perpetrator. Report the theft at the police station and inform your bank that your accounts are at risk. If your cards have been cloned, make a list of all unauthorised transactions.

“Give your bank as much information as possible to assist them in their investigations,” said Patel.

“Unfortunately, if someone has accessed your account online because you compromised your login details and PIN, the bank may not be able to assist you in recovering all the funds.”

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