‘The people have spoken’


Gauteng premier candidate for the 2019 election Solly Msimanga has prioritised Alexandra as one of the neglected urban areas that his party will pay attention to if elected to power.

He addressed the media after his meet-and-greet tour of the country’s oldest township where he listened to what the people wanted to see improved as part of the DA’s formulation of its manifesto for the upcoming elections.

Msimanga, who is currently the Mayor of Tshwane said, “The people have spoken and it’s up to us as a party and as politicians to take their views into consideration in the formulation of our manifesto. This was part of the reason why we took this route so the people can have a say in our policy formulation. We want it to be their manifesto and not ours.”

Msimanga added that he was not in Alex to tell people, “[what] we’re going to do for them if elected but what they would like to see us do for them once we’re in power, and I think the tour was quite fruitful as you [media] also heard for yourselves first-hand what the people had to say.”

He said their next step as the party is to go back to the drawing board and formulate their manifesto along the lines of what the people want. “This is by no means the first and last meet-and-greet tour. We’re still going to organise many more and then consolidate all those views into a manifesto of the people.”

Msimanga met a diverse range of people during his Alex tour, which includes taxi drivers, hair braiders, street vendors, barbers, business owners and everyday people walking in the streets and going about their daily life.

He would not say where he’s going next after the Alex tour but said he would sit down with his team again and map another strategy and area to visit.

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