Be like Diana to others


An Alex woman attributed her altruistic deeds to her conviction about the importance of human connectedness and a love of mankind.

Diana Teffo is a member of the non-profit organisation Alex Aids Orphans which supports 52 families who care for these vulnerable children. The organisation relies solely on donations. “I lost my dad at an early age and learnt and survived the daily challenges through help from others,” said Teffo.

“If someone helps you, do the same in return to others. Do so out of love and as repayment to society for the gift of life you also have received.

She added that the team’s loving attitude keeps them going despite the lack of resources to provide for many needy children in the towsnhip. “We rely on donors for the R25 000 required to provide for the material and other needs of the 52 beneficiaries monthly. “We get nothing from the government which sometimes also fails to support its social support beneficiaries during the ‘dry season.'”

Teffo credited local social workers for their selfless and professional support to ensure holistic psychosocial services and other material needs to the beneficiaries. Also, she commended the government’s school feeding programme, saying it alleviated hunger and ensured that beneficiaries could concentrate at school. She requested more material and financial support to extend their service to many more who also required similar services.

Details: Alex Aids Orphans 011 443 4540.

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