Father and daughter get reunited


An Alex man’s two weeks of worry, pain, and fear changed to expectant relief as he waited to be reunited with his 14-year-old daughter.

Proving his plight through several documents, Kimba Namarogolo of Organic Market, Kew said his daughter disappeared after school at Pholosho Junior Secondary in the first week of August, leaving him distraught after searching in vain for her everywhere. All the time she was with her mother in Orange Farm.

Namarogolo visited the school on numerous occasions to check if she had returned. He said, “The school and the Alex Police Station were also worried after posters seeking help yielded no results. I sobbed in front of the teachers and children out of worry and desperation and spent sleepless nights concerned about her safety and loss of learning time.”

His agony ended when his daughter’s after-school cultural activities coach traced her to her mother in Orange Farm through a new cell phone number she was using to communicate with her friends.

“He urged her to return to the activities, where she was missed,” added Namarogolo.

“As they talked, the mother intervened in the process, revealing the girl’s whereabouts. We reported to the police who drafted a letter I took to the mother demanding that she appears at the station with the child on 28 August.” A woman in Orange Farm helped him to locate the mother’s home but she refused to accept the letter and denied the child’s presence.

“We argued and as I [was about to leave], she, to my relief confessed the child’s presence. I anxiously await my daughter’s return, her resumption and catching up on schoolwork in her last grade of primary school education.”

The happy ending comes with a dark past of a failed marriage which Namarogolo said was fraught with deceit and lies. “Our whirlwind of love crumbled three days after our lovely daughter’s birth when the mother abandoned me with her, claiming that she was returning to work. “We couldn’t locate her thereafter.”

Namarogolo claimed that after they got married and before the girl’s birth, the wife brought home three other children claiming they belonged to her poor siblings. “I nurtured them out of love together with our daughter until two of the boys fought over meat. Out of anger, the younger one revealed that the older aggressor had bullied him from birth and pointed to his wife as the mother who at the time wasn’t present.”

On her return, Namarogolo said he confronted his wife about the revelation and said she admitted she was the mother of the children. He became suspicious and delved into the wife’s background, and found out that she also had five other children. “I would have been considerate if she had been truthful about her eight other children prior the marriage.”

Namarogolo attributed his wife’s deceptive and untrustworthy conduct to their marriage’s demise.

He was granted custody of their daughter by the Children’s Court in 2015 after his wife didn’t attend several court hearings including court referrals by domestic violence NPO Adapt for her abandonment of the child.

“I want to secure my daughter’s future through education and her cultural talents. I wish the uncaring mother luck away from my child,” Namarogolo said with tears of joy welling in his eyes.

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