More community members join the A Re Sebetseng Cleaning Campaign


Community members rolled up their sleeves and joined City of Johannesburg councillors in an A Re Sebetseng clean-up campaign in First and Second Park, Tsutsumani.

The clean-up was led by DA PR councillors Shadrack Mkhonto and Strike Rambane.

Community member Victor Thabede who lives next to Second Park lauded the municipality for the initiative and urged community members to take part in the campaign and also to refrain from dumping garbage in the park.

“This is a good initiative and I am pleased that the City has decided to bring it here to my neighbourhood,” he said.

“The City should provide us with at least one skip bin so that people can throw their garbage in it.

“Those of us who live near this park are victims of illegal dumping that happens here as we have to deal with flies coming into our houses every day.”

After the clean-up, the councillors and community members proceeded to Ext 9 to join others in cleaning up the children’s park.

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