Deaths, serious injuries, missing wounded robber


Alexandra Police Station is investigating the murder of a couple, arson and the shooting of an alleged robber who has not yet been traced.

Also, they await a report from the Joburg Metro Police on the injury of several pedestrians by a taxi driver who was beaten up by irate onlookers. The incidents occurred at night on the weekend of 4 and 5 August.

Police spokesperson Captain Stephen Malatji said the couple was shot dead on 5 August near a tavern in Tsutsumani. An assailant allegedly got out of a Range Rover and stopped them in their BMW and shot them. He then returned to the vehicle driven by someone else and they drove away. They were seemingly pursued by other people who torched their vehicle after finding it abandoned in a ditch in the township.

Malatji said the alleged robber, who was with two accomplices who are still at large, was shot and injured by the police the same night at the intersection of Florence Mophosho Avenue and Old Pretoria Road. The three are said to have escaped and the accomplices informed the parents of their injured colleague about the incident. His whereabouts are still unknown. Malatji appealed to the public to assist the police with the investigation.

Sources said in the third incident, the taxi driver allegedly ran over about seven pedestrians with his vehicle inflicting on them serious injuries including broken limbs. The incident occurred next to the gate of KwaBhekilanga Secondary School. The impact is said to have flung one of the victims over the fence and into the schoolyard. Incensed onlookers allegedly assaulted the driver inflicting serious bodily harm on him before he was rescued by the Metro officers. Malatji said the officers’ report will assist in the investigation and to inform the victims’ parents who came to inquire about progress.

Details: Alexandra Police Station 011 321 7621

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