Robber jailed, accomplice freed but rearrested


An Alex man was sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment for aggravated robbery by the Alexandra Magistrates Court.

Lungisani Xongo’s accomplice was discharged despite Xongo’s attempt to re-implicate him when he realised that his testimony only implicated himself. The accomplice’s freedom was, however, short-lived as police nabbed him soon after for a separate criminal offence he allegedly committed in Sandringham while on parole.

The Xongo and the accomplice robbed a female victim with her children at gunpoint at 6.30am on 23 July last year as they were about to board a taxi to Park Station. They took her handbag and a cell phone and ran away. The victim was assisted by a motorist who raised an alarm leading to the accused’s apprehension by community members who handed him to the police.

Xongo then led the police to the accomplice’s home where a toy gun was found and the accomplice was also arrested. In Xongo’s testimony, he denied before Magistrate Renier Boshoff assisted by prosecutor Lufuno Maphiri to taking the police to the accomplice’s place and of their involvement in the incident. However, when the accomplice was released, Xongo tried but failed to re-implicate him and the court found him to be dishonest and, an habitual criminal with no remorse in an area where residents are fed up with the crime.

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