Arsonist to seek bail


A female accused of arson which resulted in the deaths of four victims including two minors in Marlboro will seek bail on 17 August at the Alexandra Magistrates’ Court.

The incident of 9 April and reported widely including by Alex News was said to have been sparked by a tiff in a love triangle between accused Vanessa Sidimela (34) with the mother of the minors over a boyfriend they had shared. At the time the mother was away with the boyfriend. One of the two other victims was a pregnant woman and also some neighbours who lost property and other valuables, luckily with no reported injuries. She is said to have waited until late when there was minimal movement before she walked into the building and doused the shack before setting it alight and escaping in the confusion.

She appeared several times before Magistrate Renier Boshoff with state prosecutor Lufuno Maphiri and abandoned applying for bail, while investigations were still ongoing including the court’s receipt of post-mortem and carbon monoxide test results.

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