‘I have no powers to distribute land’


Lack of land and affordable houses have forced residents of Alexandra in 5th and 6th avenues to divide the land that belongs to the City among themselves and to build shacks.

According to residents’ leader Khulekani Nxumalo, they have taken the decision to occupy the vacant land because the government has failed to provide them with houses as residents of the informal settlement in Alexandra.

“The government failed to provide adequate housing for us as informal settlement people here in Alexandra has left us with no other choice than to build ourselves what we think we can afford,” he said.

“We have written a letter to our ward Councillor Saanie Mavhona informing her of our decision to occupy this land since we have no place to stay.”

Ward 75 councillor Saanie Mavhona confirmed receiving a letter from residents of 4th and 5th avenues in which they informed her of their decision to occupy unfinished houses in 6th and Ruth streets. “I did receive a letter from the residents informing me of their decision to occupy the land. I warned them not to build their shacks.

“The land is the property of Johannesburg Property Company (JPC) and I as councillor do not have powers to distribute land.”

The councillor said she will meet with the concerned residents to give them clarity on what the City is planning to do with the land.


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