Alex is a ‘different world where so many people live in harmony’


Carina Marx-Reingold, ranked among the top five elite female obstacle course athletes in SA last year, partnered with Fluxmans Attorneys of 30 Jellicoe Avenue in Rosebank, to deliver various essential gym equipment and nutritional supplements to iKhasi Gym in 7th Avenue, Alexandra.

Marx-Reingold met the owner of iKasi Gym, Tumi Masite when they were both sponsored athletes by Evox a few years ago and ever since, she has been collecting clothes, gym equipment, supplements etc for his gym and the community members around the gym.

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Other items donated by the people and friends of Marx-Reingold included loads of clothing, shoes, stationery, children’s toys and bedding which were also donated to the community members that Masite has such a big influence in.

Marx-Reingold, a personal trainer at Melrose Arch Virgin Active and an obstacle course and cross fit athlete, said she loves giving to the less fortunate and identified an opportunity to help Masite, who is helping to encourage young people to box and gym, rather than getting involved with the wrong people and wrong things.

Masite even supports the nursery school where he used to go as a child and where his 4-year-old son is today.

The connection between Marx-Reingold and Flumans Attorneys was through her employers Melrose Arch Virgin Active where the law firm’s CEO, Phillip Vallet, is one of the members of the gym since it opened its doors several years ago.

After the handover of the donations, Marx-Reingold and company took advantage of their presence in Alex and toured various iconic places such as former President Nelson Mandela’s first house, the Thabisong Daycare Nursery, the Alex Heritage Centre and the first Anglican Church that was built in Alexandra. From the church, the tour proceeded to the famous Joe’s Butchery which is said to be the best restaurant in Alex and also toured the newly built Alex Mall, where Masite plans to establish a new gym.

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“It’s a different world compared to the city as most of us know it. The thing that struck me the most was how so many people can live in harmony. If you haven’t been to Alexandra, do yourself a favour and go [there]. It’s a place everyone should experience,” she added.

Details: iKasi Gym; 083 341 6112; 011 443 9588.

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