NPO spruces Dr knack


Teachers at Dr Knack Primary School bore a welcome inconvenience for a day when their staffroom received a facelift.

This was when non-profit organisation, Blessed is the hand that gives, the general staff at the school and a volunteer parent painted the interior of the administration block. Philemon Matume of the organisation said they received 10 and 20 litres of paint from a female donor who with other donors, support the NPO regularly in its work to improve the learning and teaching environment of some Alex schools. This includes providing sanitary pads to girls, school uniforms, after-school feeding, homework and material provisions like clothes and shoes also for their parents and other poor residents.

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Isaac Mobe who had come to register his child said he volunteered instinctively when asked to help, ” Because it’s in my and children’s interest to make the school environment conducive to teaching and learning. I am thankful of the opportunity and may donors and the school inform parents and guardians when such opportunities arise as we are ready to assist.”

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Staff member James Matjutla said the teachers appreciated the temporary inconvenience which was to their benefit when they plan and prepare for the future of our children. His colleague Delicate Mabelane said she was happy to take part. “It’s important for staff to participate in whatever improves the school. I even learnt a new portable skill of painting I will also apply at home.”

Details: Philemon Matume 063 005 1940

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