#MandelaDay: Make-A-Wish donates clothes and 100 pairs of school shoes to MC Weiller pupils



An Alexandra based non-profit organisation, Make-A-Wish, donated a load of winter clothes and 100 pairs of new school shoes to the primary school children.

According to Yvonne Matlatsi founder and chief patron of the organisation, the initiative was sparked by a need to help less fortunate children who go to school in torn shoes every day. “Today we will be donating more than 100 pairs of shoes to children who come from less fortunate families,” Matlatsi said.

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“We asked the teachers to make us a list so that we can lend a helping hand to those children. When I drive passing by, I am touched by the number children who go to school with torn shoes. I and my colleagues decided to do something for them.”

Principal Flaki Ramothata thanked the organisation for walking in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela and urged corporates to consider investing in the future of the country by helping those children from economically disadvantaged families.

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“Our school is situated in the East Bank area but mostly caters to children from poor communities in and around Alexandra, especially informal settlements. We are so grateful that Make-A-Wish chose our school to benefit from this heart-warming initiative,” said Ramothata

“We also urge the corporate community and manufacturing industries to get involved in helping disadvantaged communities.”

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