Companies descend on Alex on Mandela Day


Phutadichaba Community Centre was the epicentre of iconic late president Nelson Mandela’s 2018 centenary birthday celebration in Alex.

Revered human rights activist Mandela was born 18 July and would have turned 100 years this year. He was first nurtured into politics from when he rented a room on 7th Avenue, Alex before relocating to Soweto where he gained fame.

Nestlife Assurance company staff on Mandela Day with children at Phuthadichaba Community Centre. Photo: Leseho Manala

It was most befitting for the centre which nurtures his cherished love – children – to host several companies which spent the day caring for and nurturing them. Most of them are orphaned and vulnerable children who, without help, can be lost to crime as antisocial beings deriving from their poverty. The companies helped the centre give them solace, feed and clothe them. This in addition to the centre’s work of educating many who have grown to be role models to current beneficiaries and other poor youth and the elderly who rely on it daily for sustenance and empowerment through skills development. The companies thronged the centre on the day to give hope and inspire dreams in all the beneficiaries.

Insurance company Nestlife played its part. Its representative, Nomonde Mbeleki, said children are the simplest of human beings who only need costless love, care and comfort to thrive which the centre provides as a surrogate parent to those in need. ” We gave them comfort and contentment through a movie-like environment of film, popcorn and juice on-site as they can’t afford to go to major centres.” This in addition to other goodies of party packs, fruit juice, sweets and toys.

“We hope this inspired and spread hope for a better future for them.”

Nestlife Assurance company staff share joy with children at Phuthadichaba Community Centre. Photo: Leseho Manala

Woolworth’s store in Sandton did their part on the day under their Batho People Committee. Kabelo Madumo said the different stores supported charities near them daily. “We made the day symbolic of Mandela by dedicating the full day in different parts of the country by spreading hope and inspiration to both young and old at the centre,” Madumo said.

They painted a computer centre, covered children’s books, distributed wool for sewing winter warmers, gave food, goodies and had fun with them.

The centre’s Patricia Ledwaba commended all the companies including Hudaco and Astro Communications for the contributions she said made a lasting difference.

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