Dagada is gone

The City of Johannesburg’s former Finance MMC and Democratic Alliance (DA) member has resigned as a councillor and party member.

He submitted his resignation to the DA’s Federal Executive chairperson James Selfe on 11 July before announcing it on 16 July.

He was removed as MMC by Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba on 15 January, who shortly thereafter issued a statement alleging corruption, nepotism, price fixing and the victimisation of some City officials on the part of Dagada.

More than a month later, Dagada fired back in a statement. The former MMC alleged that since July last year, there had been unrelenting efforts by the mayor to remove him from the Mayoral Committee.

“As far as I can remember, my expulsion on Monday, 15 January 2018 was the fifth and only successful attempt to remove me from the Mayoral Committee,” he said.

But Mashaba remained adamant that Dagada had breached the City’s code of conduct by not declaring his interests and, subsequently, conflicts of interest with individuals closely associated with him.

Since then, Dagada has often been spotted in council, still attending as a Proportional Representative councillor. On his own request, Dagada was scheduled to appear before council’s ethics committee in March but it is not yet established whether this took place.


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