Another spectacular embarrassment for Alex FM board of directors


The South Gauteng High Court, Johannesburg, ruled in favour of the Alexandra community to have Alex FM Board of Directors removed.

The community approached the High Court, seeking a judicial remedy to have all members of the previous board removed and allow the newly elected interim board to take over the station.

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Speaking to Alex News after the court decision on Tuesday, 10 July, the community legal representative Mzukisi Ndabeni of Ndabeni Attorneys said the ball was passed to the interim board by the judge.

“The community wanted Alexandra Broadcasting Corporation board to be declared delinquent on numerous grounds, for example, their failure to present an audited financial statement for about three years; failure to hold a successful annual general meeting; and for the abuse of their position primarily on the issue they brought in this court against 26 staff members in which the same court dismissed their application on 26 June,” he said.

“The court decision means that the interim board has been given full powers to run matters of the community broadcaster for the next six months as mandated by the community.”

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Interim board deputy chairperson Bishop Marcus said they were happy that the court had ruled in their favour and the community of Alexandra. “Ours is to ensure that we do what the community of Alex has mandated us to do. We will make sure that we don’t fail them with that.”

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