Maritzburg cop in Alex murder rap

An officer in the police’s Protection Unit is in custody pending a bail hearing for an alleged double murder.

The suspect who hails from Pietermaritzburg and has a previous criminal record, will apply for bail in the Alexandra Magistrates’ Court on 8 August for the murder of an ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend. The incident occurred at the victims Tsutsumani home at about 6.30pm on 24 June. The woman and the accused had a child together, and she had a protection order against him.

On the day of the incident, the woman was dragged from her house and shot through the cheek and the boyfriend was shot multiple times. No one witnessed the shooting.

In mitigation, the suspect claimed not to have been at the crime scene. He was arrested in Pietermaritzburg without a weapon, there were no witnesses and no forensic evidence.

His previous conviction, initially for attempted murder and changed to negligent discharge of a firearm in public, involved shooting at a motorist which resulted in a collision of two vehicles and the injury of many passengers. The suspect seemingly didn’t stop.

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Maritzburg cop in Alex murder rap

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