Children get wiser on the law


Some Alex children will be much wiser in the third school term after attending an empowering holiday programme.

The three-day programme at Riverpark Library during youth month was hosted by various stakeholders including the Joburg City Council’s Metro police, departments of social development and health and NPO Vuka Skhokho.

It kept about 100 participants busy and off the streets through dialogues and debates which imparted essential knowledge and life skills.

The NPO’s Thabiso Pitsoane said they were engaged in positive play and away from the danger of playing soccer among moving vehicles, exposure to drugs, abuse and many social ills. “They will be motivated and have many exciting things to tell their peers,” Pitsoane said.

He added that they were empowered to say no to temptations from social ills and a glamourised life of crime which leave them confused and vulnerable to many risks. “The gained self-esteem will enable them to articulate their rights and cope with bullying.”

Officer Itumeleng Buza of Metro police said their input was part of a community outreach to empower children against a culture of lawlessness from an early age. “We use dialogue to guide and influence them in making positive decisions against temptation from child traffickers, to report illegal activities, including in their homes, and to have faith in the police.

“They will grow to respect the law and consider the police service as a potential career.”

They were taught marching and drills, which she said are fundamentals for discipline, listening, teamwork and fitness required in daily life.

The children also received certificates for attending trial driving exercises.

Thabiso Pitsoane 071 124 3423.

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