Community members appoint six men and women to lead Alex FM’s interim board


The members of Alexandra Community Radio Station have appointed four highly skilled men and two woman to the helm of the Alex FM interim board.

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This was after the community lost confidence in the previous board whose term of office expired a year ago. The interim board will work with the current station management to rescue the troubled and bankrupt community broadcaster that had been off-air until the South Gauteng High Court ruled that the 26 staff members return to work with immediate effect on 26 June.

In a meeting that was held in Yarona Building on Sunday 17 June, the community unanimously agreed that the new team lead the station to its former glory for a period of six months, from 18 June.

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Isaac Mangena was elected as the interim board chairperson, while Bishop Marcus was elected as his deputy. Other members who were elected were, Malcom Mabitsi, Pinky Kunou, Feziwe Masabane and Tshepo Makubiri.

Speaking to Alex News after the meeting, Mangena said they will work hard to restore the dignity and order to the community broadcaster. “Our [work] is to make sure that the station operates in the best interest of the Alexandra community, and that employees get what they deserve. No man or woman should claim ownership of the station as he or she pleases.”

The interim board is expected to:

  • Work with the station management to ensure the efficient operation of the station.
  • Inform the previous station board about the decision taken by the community to dissolve it.
  • Prepare the station to hold an annual general meeting in six months.
  • Raise funds to buy new studio equipment for the station.
  • Ensure that staff members and interns receive their salaries every month.
  • Meet with the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) to establish a new working relationship.

The newly appointed interim board and management are expected to report back to the community in the next two months to present the state of the station’s day-to-day operations.

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