Police launch manhunt after three people were killed in Alexandra over the weekend


The South African Police Services has launched a manhunt after three people were killed in three different incidents over the weekend in Alexandra.

According to Captain Stephen Malatjie, Alexandra Police Station spokesperson three dockets of murder were opened after the three murders in and around the Alex policing precinct. “Between 16 and 17 June, a total number of three people were murdered.

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“A boy aged 17 and a student at a local school, was stabbed to death allegedly by a fellow student [who is said to have gone] in search of a second student who he also [allegedly] stabbed. He fortunately survived and was taken to a local clinic. The suspect, who is well known, is still at large,” said Malatjie.

“In another incident, a man was attacked in his house while preparing to sleep and was shot several times while naked by an unknown suspect who is still at large,” he said.

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In the third case, an unknown well-dressed male was hit over the head a number of times with a hard object. He was killed elsewhere and dragged and dumped in a passageway between shacks. “The suspects are unknown at the moment,” Malatjie added

Alexandra police have urged anyone with any information that can lead to the arrest of the suspects, to come forward or call Alexandra police on 011 321 7600.

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