Driver arrested for drunk driving on bail


A man who was arrested for his involvement in a three-vehicle pileup, allegedly while drunk, appeared in the Alex Magistrates’ Court where he is facing charges of reckless, negligent and drunken driving.

The 24-year-old suspect who appeared on 30 May while on bail, was found with a blood-alcohol level of .94 which is above the limit of .05. The accident occurred at a robot in Marlboro at midnight on 4 March. He was travelling alone in a microbus and rammed into a vehicle that had stopped, which then rammed into the vehicle ahead of it.

He denied the charges, claiming that the accident was a result of brake failure. The police called to the scene tested all the drivers and he was the only one found to be intoxicated.

The case was postponed pending lab reconfirmation of the blood tests and the conclusion of other aspects of the investigation.

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