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There are many warning signs that reveal whether your child is being bullied. Not all victims speak out and so recognising these warning signs are important to taking action against bullying. One of the most prominent signs from victims are faking illnesses to avoid having to attend school. This is followed by unidentified bruises and injuries and a low self-esteem.

Early identification of whether your child is being bullied is important as the consequences of bullying are detrimental to the well-being of your child and his or her social development. Continuous bullying leads to lowered self-esteem, social isolation and ultimately depression as the victim is overcome with fear and anxiety as developing relationships and social interaction become a nightmare. With the signs and consequences indicated, it is important that the parent knows how to provide support to their bullied child.

The first step is to get your child to open up to conversation about the bullying. A good way to initiate this is through being open to talk about touching matters and sharing family experiences of bullying. Once your child has opened up to you or a family member, give praise and ensure that they receive unconditional support.

The parent should then contact the school to determine their policies around bullying and how their staff will approach the situation. With this being done it is vital for parents to remember to keep calm and carry on as the reconciliation of their child remains the goal.

Helpline: 08000 55 555; ChildLine South Africa

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