STOP !T – Be your own Superhero!

1. Speak to the person that is bullying you, make sure they understand that they’re hurting you and you want them to stop. You should only approach your bully if you feel safe to do so, you could even take an adult with you

2. Be confident. Practise how you could respond or act towards the bully an most importantly, feel good about who you are

3. Be the bigger person. Try not to react to the bully’s behaviour in anger or aggression, this is what the bully wants. Try to ignore him/her and keep calm and carry on.

4. Stay true to yourself. You may not be able to change other people but you can build on yourself. You should think of activities that would make you feel happier, stronger and more confident, such as exercise or even martial arts

5. Look for a positive role model. Find an individual in the world that represents the best kind of person you can imagine, then aspire to be like this person, to remind yourself of who you want to be, to help you achieve and to be proud of yourself as a person.

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