Kids academically recognised


Youngsters from Rose Act Saturday School were recognised for all the hard work they put in this year, at the school’s recent award ceremony.

They were recognised for various roles they played including academics, participation and extracurricular activities.


Alumnus and volunteer, Frank Mabaso, congratulates the participants and winners of the multiplication competition.

Louise Cameron, the manager of the school, said the award season has always been the most exciting time of the year for the children. “As always, they are eager to take part in activities in and outside the classroom and this is the time for them to be recognised for their efforts,” she said.

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The school has close ties with the non-profit organisation, Rays of Hope, which helps the school empower the youngsters.

Sihle Mooi, the chief executive officer of Rays of Hope, was the guest of the day and was tasked with giving more insight into the relationship between the two organisations. “We have been working in Alex for the past 27 years, and Rose Act is one of the organisations we work closely with.

Talented children perform for the crowd.

“We touch about 2 600 people in the community and we do not charge any fee at all. We provided support towards this event to make it a success, we provided finances and resources to make sure that the event happens.”

Attendees were kept entertained by some of the children who have special talents. Dancers, singers, poets and praise singers all formed part of the act that kept the crowd entertained.

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