Brave woman helps nab a robber

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A woman’s bravery saved a family from a suspected robber but at a price after she incurred injuries to her head which have since healed.

This was from testimony given at the Alex Magistrates’ Court on 5 June where a 44-year-old suspect was remanded in custody pending further investigation for the alleged robbery. The incident occurred on 6 October last year at a Bramley home where the victim, a teacher, resides.

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The suspect allegedly entered the property and encountered the victim and the homeowner’s six-year-old child as they were going out to feed the dogs. The suspect, holding a telephone cord, ordered them back into the house and to lie down presumably with the intention of tying them up.

The woman refused to lie down and began tussling with the intruder. She grabbed him by the private parts and he struck her on the head with an object causing her to bleed and lose consciousness. When she came around shortly after and realised that he had taken her cellphone and R50 in cash, she grabbed and held onto him. The suspect attempted to flee with the woman still holding onto him. He tried to hand back the phone, presumably thinking she would let go, but she did not and he dragged her all the way to entrance gate.

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Meanwhile, the homeowner who the child had contacted by phone, arrived armed with a gun. He was joined by neighbours in beating up the suspect until the police arrived. The suspect was taken to hospital for treatment under police guard.

In mitigation, the suspect’s legal representative claimed it was a case of mistaken identity and his client was an innocent passerby. The suspect was also found to use another name.

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