Woman on murder and attempted murder charges

Alex Police Station.


An Alex woman accused of another woman’s murder and attempted murder of her lover was remanded in custody by the Alexandra Magistrates’ Court on 6 June pending further investigation.

The 26-year-old suspect allegedly stabbed the woman to death and stabbed her lover in the leg. The woman was said to have been a girlfriend of the accused’s lover.

The incident occurred at about 11.30pm on 27 May at the man’s 13th Avenue home. The accused, who also resides in the same avenue, was hospitalised under police guard after a beating by the man’s neighbours for her actions.

On the day, the victims were said to have gone to a party in Soweto after the accused had told her lover that she wanted to spend the night at one of her friend’s place.

After their return, the man opened the door after hearing a knock and the accused allegedly accused them of having an affair. She apparently took a knife from a drawer and attempted to stab him but they both fell on the floor as they tussled for control of the knife. She managed to stab him in the leg and he shouted to the woman to run away but the accused caught and stabbed her to death outside.

An ambulance was called and took the man to the hospital. The woman was certified dead at the scene and taken to a government mortuary. The man was later released from hospital and apparently sought refuge elsewhere, presumably fearing that he would also be beaten by the public for double crossing the accused.

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