Kagiso Shanduka Trust provides Alexandra matrics with study tips ahead of exams

East Bank High School matrics in a weekend class.


The secondary schools in the country and in particular the Grade 12s will soon be overcome by stress and anxiety as their final examinations draw closer.

Those writing the exams will require support and all the necessary advice to help them get through this trying time which will make or break their future.

A teacher helps East Bank High School matrics in a weekend class.

Kagiso Shanduka Trust, in partnership with the Free State Department of Education, provided the following five tips in preparing for the examinations:

  • Devise and commit to a study regime with a realistic time frame and goals from the beginning of the year to avoid last minute preparations for exams.
  • Participate proactively in class and study groups and ask questions in order to know and learn new things. Also, be inquisitive and curious in order to learn and understand more about the subjects than what is contained in the textbook.
  • Use technology and social media wisely, join educational chat groups on the internet, watch television and radio programmes and use other apps. Be careful not to use these sources for casual pleasure and monitor the amount of time you spend on them.
  • Sleep for at least seven hours at night to function well in tests and examinations, which are designed to provoke and demand a high span of concentration, and to be able to remember revision notes or work.
  • In addition to the library, computer labs and equipment, use all resources at your disposal such as the teachers, magazines, books and even parents and peers.

Edited by Stacey Woensdregt

What advice can you give to matrics as they head to write exams? Share your tips with us on WhatsApp 079 431 5345.

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