Safety tips for around the pool this festive season

Safety around pools

Here are some tips / rules you can enforce to keep everyone safe:

  • Be certain that everybody who wants to swim can indeed swim.
  • Make a ‘no contact’ rule to ensure that no one pushes someone else under the water.
  • No running next to the pool is a great rule, as it prevents slipping and falling.
  • Don’t allow any electrical appliances near the pool.
  • Be certain that the pool is deep enough. If not, make a ‘no diving’ rule.
  • Do not jump through inflatable tubes, as you may get stuck and then not be able to come up for air.
  • Keep the pool off limits if there is no supervision.
  • Be certain to have a first aid kit nearby.
  • Keep pets away from the pool while people are swimming. Pets may get underfoot and a child could end up falling into the pool and drown.
  • Do not allow bicycles or tricycles around the pool.

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